19th Amendment

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The 19th Amendment simply gave women the right to vote. On January 9,1918 President Wilson announced his support of the amendment. This was accomplished due to a variety of strategies used by women from around the whole world including Alice Paul who was the main leader of the women's suffrage. Protests in front of the white house everyday until finally the law got involved was just one of the many things that the women used to fight this. Even being thrown in prison didn't stop them. They starved themselves just to get there point across and eventually it all payed off in the end. They got Wilson on there side and had enough votes to have the right to vote in 19 states and partial right in 14 others. These women fought for something that has affected women all over the world for years and the nation would be a lot different if it wasn't for this one act during the 1920's.


After the Civil War women's suffrage was formed in the United States resulting in many different strikes were formed in order to attempt to get women rights. Two women named Alice Paul and Lucy Burns formed a union for womens suffrage that consisted two million women. They would stand out in front of the White House gates and they would chain themselves to railings. Many of them were arrested for really no good reason at all. In prison many went on hunger strikes and were forced to eat. They became very sick under these conditions and President Wilson was beginning to worry.

These women were also known as suffragist and had been fighting for the right since the 1850's. Women never had a say-so in anything and refused to give up until they did. Many men believed that women weren't smart enough to vote, but a few supported their opinions. Things began to be put in effect on August 26, 1920. This suffrage association was formed in order to get the 19th Amendment.

This is when some of the women would stand outside the gate of the white house and hold up things trying to get peoples support.

What the 19th Amendment Would Do

The 19th Amendment submitted to the states on 4 June 1919. It proclaimed on 26 August 1920 and gave women the right to vote in nineteen states and partial rights in fourteen others. This is what women all over the world had been working towards for many years and finally reached success. There was a variety of opinions on this amendment including the memebers of the house and senate who supported a constitutional amendment. Along with President Wilson and his speech that persuaded congress who eventually agreed.

They finally had enough of the strikes and protests resulting in the women having the right to vote. This was the start and beginning of a new nation. Some were very unpleased of the decision of the 19th Amendment, but women were extremely grateful to finally have some freedom. Every person has an opinion and should be aloud to have a voice to speak up for what they believe. This all was accomplished due to the 19th Amendment.

This is just what some states were going for around that time.

The Outcome

The main outcome of the 19th Amendment was that it gave women the right to vote in 19 states and partial rights in 14 others which was a major accomplishment and and good start. It eventually changed the way people, especially men, looked at women and finally it was their turn to speak up. Thanks to the NAWSA, also known as The League of Nations and Alice Paul's National Women's party they got congress to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. After this a few women were elected to office.

It changed the outcome of the presidential elections because not only men were aloud to vote. At the time this was very different for a lot of people. No one was used to women having much of any rights at all. In terms of general voting women shared the same outlook and voting behavior as men. Overall the women accomplished what they had been working towards for many years. From then on women gained more and more rights over time.

These women were happy because the 19th amendment was passed.

Historical Significance

This topic is significant to the 1920's because suffrage was one of the major issues during this time period. The right to vote had been attempted many of times in the past, but was yet to be successful until the 1920's. It wouldn't be the same if the 19th Amendment didn't exist in the 1920's because it changed the nation making it a better place. If it never was created things would be a lot different as far as decisions and presidents we've had in the past. Only men being aloud to vote wouldn't be very accurate because most would have the same view. Women's opinions are just as significant and important.