Charlie Chaplin

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Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in London, England, on April 16th 1889. His father was a vocalist and actor; and his mother, Lily Harley, was an actress and singer, who gained a reputation for her work in the light opera field. At the early age of ten Charlie's father died and due to his mothers illness him and his brother had to learn to fend for themselves. Using there natural talents from their parents, the youngsters took to the stage to start a career for themselves. Charlie made his first professional debut as a member of a group called "The Eight Lancashire Lads" and won popular favour as an outstanding tap dancer.
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Silent films

When charlie was 12, he played a supporting role as "billy" the page boy, to william gillette as "Sherlock Holmes." After his premier, he started as a comedian in vaudeville, which eventually took him to the United States in 1910. He scored an immediate success with american audiences. He had a starting salary of 150$ a week, after completion on the sennet contract chaplin moved on to the essanay company at a large increase. [2]

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just a year later charlie was even more in demand and signed witrh the mutual film company. He was signed to make 12 2-reel movies for a much larger sum.
** "The Floorwalker", "The Fireman", "The Vagabond", "One A.M." , "The Count", "The Pawnshop", "Behind the Screen", "The Rink", "Easy Street" (heralded as his greatest production up to that time), "The Cure", "The Immigrant" and "The Adventurer".[3]

Becoming independent

When his contract with Mutual expired in 1917, Chaplin decided to become an independent producer in a desire for more leisure in making his movies. To that end, he busied himself with the construction of his own studios.
Early in 1918, Chaplin entered into an agreement with First National Exhibitors’ Circuit, a new organization specially formed to exploit his pictures. His first film under this new deal was "A Dog’s Life". After this production, he turned his attention to a national tour on behalf of the war effort, following which he made a film the US government used to popularize the Liberty Loan drive: "The Bond".
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Historical Significance

Charlie chaplin was not only a comedian but a producer, he brought joy to many peoples lives with his films. Charlie chaplin was in/produced 41 films during his career. he supported war bonds, and was in a movie that called hitler out to america before we had takenm action. chaplin was a comdedian at heart and put smiles on people faces.
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