Ku Klux Klan

The 1920's was a very strong period in time for the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan, other known as the KKK was a group of white Americans who thought blacks and other immigrants should not be treated equal. The KKK had many locations and objectives through most of the world. Many groups followed along side the KKK when it came to torturing blacks and other immigrants‍‍. ‍‍

Out of Hiding

Many years ago back int he 1920's, there was a clan of racist white's known as the Ku klux klan. These mass murderers went around most of the Southern States terrorizing African Americans and whites who supported the black's rights. This horrifying clan came out of hiding for the second time in history in the years of 1866 and lasted till 1921.

The Ku Klux Klan is a major part of history. The main objectives of the KKK and other clans such as the White Brotherhood, The Men of Justice, The Constitutional Union Guards, and The Nights of the White Cemelia were to stop blacks from having voting rights. These white men and women did not believe thart blacks should be equal. They believed that whites were to be the dominant color. As bad as this sounds most of the South supported this decision‍‍.‍‍


The main locations of the KKK were Tennessee, Georgia, ans Alabama. The ‍‍KKK ‍‍became a vehicle for the white Southern Resistance to the Republican party's reconstruction era. Policies aimed at establisted political and economic equality for blacks. Most of the blacks tried to retreat to the North by foot. Some white families that supported blacks help the slaves travel by car, trians, and even on foot.

A lot of blacks traveled in the underground railroad to not be seen by whites and KKK members. Many of the KKK traveled through the South on horseback and on foot. the most traveled route of the KKK was through the bottom of Alabama and South Georgia‍‍.‍‍


By the end of the 1890's, most of the black population was gone in the South. This was due to the cruelty of the Ku Klux Klan. ‍‍The clan would linch blacks for most of the time but also many KKK members would torture blacks, by shooting or cutting off limbs, dragging by horses, whip their children in front of them, and sometimes they would even castrate the black males. ‍‍

On a rare occation the KKK would burn blacks and white followers with torches lit with kerosene. After murdering blacks the KKK would keep body parts of the victims to show off their supremacy.

Historical Significance

The Ku Klux Klan was a significant topic of the 1920's because it was a on going division of thought and practices between the black and white community. Without the KKK the black and white community would have never came together to form one society.

The 1920's would have not been the same without the KKK because it would have not shown the differences and similarities between the two races. The whites would have never accepted the blacks for who they are, instead of their color and beliefs. Overall blacks and whites came together to form a strong and powerful society.


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