Nativism affected everyday life. Every other nationality except for white/american was ridiculed and forced to have less rights as the whites
The Ku Klux Klan rose again, the red scare occured and the sacco and vanzetti trial helped feul nativism, and foreign scare.


In its second return they broadened their hatred not only for blacks, but jews, catholics and all foreigners.[1]
The klan advocated patriosm along with white supremacy. In the 20s the klan devised a plan to take over politics. This plan was called the decade and the point was for every klansmen to recruit atleast 10 people to vote for a klansmen running for election in a political office. In 1924 the klan was successful in achieving offices from coast to coast. the klansmen elected 16 officials. [2]
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These klansmen officials blocked several people from gaining office because of their religion such as : Al smith a new york catholic.
Not only did these klansmen stop elections they terriorized people. Killed blacks, jews, and foreigners. The Klan was back.


It all started when a small group formed the communist labor party in 1919.from 1919 to 1920 Palmer conducted a series of raids and deported 249 russians The so called " Soviet-Ark" was sent back to mother russia. the climate set by palmer and hoover was uncontrollable. [3]
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on april 15th, 1921, two employees of a shoe warehouse were murdered during a robbery. The two who were arrested happen to be italian anarchists and known socialists, many belive thats was the reason for their arrest. Just a little over two weeks after their arrest they were found guilty for the crime. many people, mainly socialists protested the verdict and claimed that the two were arrested on ethnic and political grounds. People protested every where but to no avail, sacco and vanzetti where sentenced to death on april 9, 1927.

Historical Significance

nativism hit the nation like a ton of bricks. Everybody was affected. The Ku Klux Klan rose back into power, scaring millions and killing thousand. The red scare caused mass hysteria, and the sacco and vanzetti trial put a bad mark on america, for their outright predjudice.


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