Paul Robeson

Civil Rights Activist | Singer Career | Acting Career | Historical Significance | Bibliography

Paul Robeson was a multi-talented man. He was an actor/singer, Civil Rights a ctivist, and a lawyer. He was Born on April 9, 1898, in Princeton NJ. Robeson was the son of a slave turned preacher. He was what you could consider a "Renaissance Man." Robeson attended multiple colleges, going after multiple degrees, and he was even a lawyer in New York for a short period. He was going to be a professional football player, but he went after a career in acting. In 1958, Robeson would be forced to leave the United States for suspicion of being in the Communist Party. He later returned to the United States, due to poor health. Then on January 23, 1976, he passed away in Philadelphia, PA. [1]

Civil Rights Activist

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Singer Career

Due to continuing racism and discrimination, African Americans were not commonly seen on stage. [2]

Acting Career

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Historical Significance

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