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Type an abstract of your Wiki article here. This should be around a paragraph long and should be a short synopsis of the topic at hand. All major topics on your Wiki page need to be located here in order to provide the reader with enough information to become interested in the topic. Think of this as the short description on the back of a movie or book; there is enough information to catch the reader's eye, but not so much that you don't have to read the rest of the page.

Section 1

The sections of your Wiki page should be organized either chronologically or thematically. In either case, the reader should be able to recognize the organization style without being explicitly told the style. In addition to the narrative, each of your sections has to include at least one audio/visual component (picture, chart, graph, YouTube clip, sound byte, etc.) and two sources (not including the a/v source). You have to cite your sources using the Chicago Style citation found on most Wiki sites--and used in almost all history publications--which we will go over briefly in class.

We will also designate a class period to discuss any problems with formatting and I will be available to help individual groups upon request. DO NOT STRESS OUT ABOUT THE FORMATTING!!! We will get all of those problems resolved. The most important part of this project is the information contained. Please keep in mind that not only will your fellow students and myself be able to see your work, but upon completion, this work will be available for anyone to view, so do your best work.

You can create as many sections as you want to adequately describe your topic, but you must have at least 3 sections (plus your abstract). There is no limit to how much information you include, but remember that you have to cite your work! Plagiarism is serious and will not be tolerated. The information on your Wiki has to come from scholarly sources (not Wikipedia!) just as if you were writing a paper.[1]

Section 2

(See section one for details; remember you can have as many sections as you want)

Section 3

(See section one for details; remember you can have as many sections as you want)

Historical Significance

In this section, you will write at least one paragraph (5-7 sentences) answering the following questions:
- Why is this topic significant for the 1920s (or later)?
- Would the 1920s have been the same without this topic? Why or why not?


  1. ^ Last, First. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publication Company, Date. *This is an example of a Chicago Style citation for a book with one author*